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Benefits of window soundproofing

As far as real estate is concerned, soundproofing your windows can help your home to sell better. People want a quiet environment in their home. These can add value to your home as well. It can also lower your utility bills. It can reduce your need to run heating and/or cooling systems. This can be a reason to raise property prices if you are renting the house.  Side note, dispose of windows in a safe dumpster rental newark nj

Many hotels also boast soundproof windows. It can help deal with the highway noise if you are stopping for a night right off of the highway. These can help reduce stress and improve sleep quality for your guests.

In apartments, soundproofing is an extra feature you can offer to raise rents. It can also add value to your property.

Some soundproof windows can block up to 95 percent of external noise. You need to find out your current windows’ Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating. This tells you how much sound a window can block. For a single pane window, it is usually around 27. A soundproof window can have a minimum STC rating of 45. They work by creating a larger barrier between the outside and you on the inside. Every barrier does this at least a little bit. The goal is to get rid of as many sound waves as possible.

If you are in a high noise environment, a 55 STC rating window might do the trick. Some windows even boast a rating of 95 percent.

Why Double Pane Windows Are Not Enough

Double pane windows can stop a bit more noise than single pane windows; however, it is still not effective enough to really lower your noise levels.  Keep in mind if you rent a local dumpster not to go over the weight when throwing old items out during the renovation

In a double pane windows, the two pieces of glass vibrate together when sound comes in. The air space between the panes does not really stop the noise.

How Does Soundproofing Work

Windows and doors cause 90 percent of the noise problems in a home. The noise problems are very rarely in the walls. This happens if the house is constructed poorly. In homes that are properly constructed, the noise comes in through the windows and doors. Not only are soundproof windows great for noise reduction, they are great for stopping drafts and insulating your home as well. They are easy to install, so you won’t have a long remodeling process. You can also get soundproofed windows in different colors to change the outside appearance of your home.

Soundproof windows work by creating larger barriers between the outside noise and you on the inside. Modern windows use three basic methods to block out the noise. Adding mass to the window (making it thicker) can help with the noise. They also add more air space between the window panes; this results in added insulation. Finally, laminated glass helps to further reduce noise because they provide an extra barrier layer on your windows.

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