Our website is about how to rank your small business using local seo marketing.  Your probably don’t know that local companies and their addresses and information found online is incorrect.  Over 40% of business owners have the wrong company information listed online and almost 60 percent have the incorrect business phone number.  This incorrect information greatly effects your local seo rankings.  That is why you should always work with the best local seo company

Today, customers use the Internet to research businesses – often conducting local searches on their phone while in transit, this is why mobile online marketing is growing so quickly.  Help customers discover your business with accurate information across the web like your hours, address and exact map location so customers can get directions to your physical location, this is referred to has your NAP ( name, address, phone)

You want to make sure your company can be found, after all seo is just like real estate, it’s all about your location. Either you are on the 1st page of the internet or clients don’t find you and you are handing over business to your competitors!

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